Viviers (UK) Ltd At Billingsgate Market.

We've been at Billingsgate Fish Market since 1998


Billingsgate is primarily a wholesale market although retail customers are very welcome. It is visited by many of London's finest restaurants and hotels.

Freshly caught fish and shellfish is brought up daily from our main site in Portsmouth on the South Coast of England. We have a fleet of inshore fishing boats who go out to sea and then land their catch to us every day so freshness is guaranteed.

We also return to Portsmouth with some of the more exotic fish which is available to us at Billingsgate Fish Market to sell along the South Coast through Portsmouth Fish Market.

Opening times

Tuesday - Saturday

5.00 am - 8.30 am

Contact details at Billingsgate:

Sales: 07710 560295 or 07764 832449
Shop: 0207 538 1123 


Viviers UK Limited
Shop No. 26,
Billingsgate Market,
Trafalgar Way,
E14 5ST

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