Fresh Lobster in Portsmouth

Locally caught fresh lobster prepared for you as requested (can be cooked)

Fresh shellfish locally caught along the South Coast we supply crab, lobster, oysters, whelks, cockles, clams and much more.

Please Note: All prices are checked on a regular basis but are subject to change due to weather conditions and availability.


Blue Swimming Crab - Live


per kg

Clams (Palourdes)

£6.50 - £7.00

1kg bag

Cockles in Shell£3.501kg bag
Crab - Large 3lb+ Male£6.50per kg
Crabs - Live or Cooked£5.00per kg
Crayfish - Live (Seasonal)£10.00per kg
Crayfish Tailes in Brine per tub£18.001kg tub
Crevettes Under 10£40.00 - £42.00per kg
Crevettes 10/15 Raw£36.00per kg
Crevettes 40/60 Cooked£15.00per kg
Crevettes 40/60 Raw£15.00per kg
Lobster (Seasonal)£16.00 to £35.001kg bag
Mussels£4.00per kg
Oysters Native£1.00each
Oysters Native£12.00per dozen
Oysters Pacific£1.00each
Razor Clams Live£12.00per kg
Winkles£3.001kg bag

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