Frozen Fish Prices in Portsmouth

Great range of frozen produce

Here at Viviers UK Ltd, we offer a great selection of frozen fish and shellfish. We serve wholesalers or members of the public, below is the price list for our extensive Frozen produce selection.

We are able to order exotic fish (i.e. pomfret, king fish, black cod, mahi mahi, etc) through our Shop in Billingsgate Market, London but 24 hrs notice is needed.

Please Note: All prices are checked on a regular basis but are subject to change due to weather conditions and availability.


Battered/Breadcrumb Jumbo Fish Fingers



Cockles - Deal


1 kg bag

Cod Fillets£12.00kg
Cod Fillets (per 10lb)


per box

Cod Smoked


3.175 kg box

Cod Smoked


per kilo

Cooked Clam Meat


1 kg bag

Coquelle St Jaques (scallops)



Crab Stix


per pack (16)

Crab Stix£6.50per box (64)

Crevettes 10/15


per kg

Fish Cakes - Luxury Cod£1.20each
Fish Cakes - Luxury Salmon, Lemon & Dill£1.20each
Fish Cakes - Luxury Cod, Bacon & Brie£1.20each
Fish Cakes - Smoked Haddock, Mozzarella & Spring Onion£1.20each
Frogs Legs£8.00per bag
Haddock IQF 8-10oz£12.00per kg
Haddock Natural Smoked£12.00per kg
Haddock Smoked£12.00per kg
Haddock Natural Smoked£12.00per kg

Herring Melts


1 lb bag

Kippers Boned£8.001 kg bag
Kippers Whole£8.00per kg
Monktail 400/600£18.00per kg
Mussels - Half Shell£8.50per box
Ocean Pinx£6.501 kg bag
Octopus£20.00per kg
Prawns - Peeled£22.002 kg bag

Prawns - Shell-On


5 kg box

Prawns - Tiger Raw Peeled 10/15


per kg



1kg bag

Scallops Cut per dozen

£9.00 to £12.00

per dozen

Scampi Breaded


1 lb bag

Seafood Cocktail


1 kg bag

Squid - Small Calamari


1 lb box

Squid tubes


per kg

Whelks Cooked


1 kg bag

Whitebait Breaded/Unbreaded


454 gm bag

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